Own a Fraction of Tesla Model 3

Contribute just $10 to secure fractional ownership of a ride-shared Tesla Model 3

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► The more you contribute, the bigger your Tesla Model 3 share
► Your contribution will also be credited to your private account in our ride-sharing service
► Earn credits while others use and pay for the Tesla Model 3
► Use our ride sharing services at a discount & sometimes for free
► Smaller contributions are still accepted for fractional ownership


What You Receive

Have you always dreamt of owning a Tesla Model 3? Self-driving cars are the engines of the future, which is why so many people around the world want to own their very own Tesla. We’ve come up with a system that enables multiple people to call the same Tesla car their own. It starts with ride-sharing.

Receive a proportional fraction of ownership based on the amount you contribute through this campaign. Uniquely within this campaign, we will credit the same amount you donate here in our ride sharing service, enabling you to benefit from HereYouGo for other transportation needs.

All contributors will receive ongoing bonuses in their private accounts while others use and pay for the Tesla Model 3. Access all of our services at a discount, or sometimes, for free!

With just $10, you can call yourself a Tesla Model 3 owner.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are a life-changing invention that could potentially spare the millions of lives lost in car accidents every single year due to driver negligence, texting, alcohol, and other mishaps. As many tech publications have put it, the inevitability of self-driving car deployment is imminent. We just need infrastructure, groups, and drivers to be more receptive.

We are hoping to accelerate this timeline with our crowdfunding campaign. Now you can own and drive a Tesla without the thousands and thousands of dollars you thought you previously needed.

From the team

We are the HereYouGo team, and we have a dream to bring autonomous driving technology to real life, because it will reduce the number of accidents on the roads and decrease time that you spend in a car.

We started developing this idea with research at the heart of Silicon Valley one year ago. We have created our first prototype with Donkey.Car – a small robotics car and now we are going to build a business model around a real car with the best level of autopilot available on the market today – Tesla Model 3.

With this crowdfunding campaign we are going to launch an ownership model with many owners (contributors to this campaign) to bring efficiency in transportation. Self-driving cars will be expensive and at the same time, an average car owner uses the car just 4% of all time, so our model will bring more effectiveness to the roads.

Konstantin Maslennikov

CEO & Founder

Draper University, New Economic School
ex. TakeBus, Projector Group

Alex Winter


South Ural State University
ex. TakeBus, Malahit

Jenny Maslennikova


Draper University, Omsk State University

Carlos Uranga


University of California San Diego, Grenoble Institute of Technology
ex. Singularity University, MakerDojo

We are part of


How it will look like

Why You Should Contribute

Every so often, we receive the opportunity to be part of something bigger. We are aiming to make that campaign something original – something amazing. You can have a share in the future of automotive technology, and it all starts with one donation.


Here are just a few reasons why you should contribute to this ride sharing idea:

► It’s a safer future – driving accidents will diminish overnight if we hand over transportation to automated perfection.

► It’s a replicable idea that could be used in a variety of ways – this kind of crowdfunding idea can be used in a variety of ways in the future, for something like a rocket ship or smart building.

► You can finally own a Tesla Model 3 – who doesn’t want to say they are a partial owner of a self-driving Tesla vehicle?

► You’ll receive credits & discounts through our site – at HereYouGo, we are an entire ride sharing solutions platform that you can use to redeem your donated credits.


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How can I use Tesla?
You can use the Tesla for transportation needs as part of our ride-sharing service. You can order the car with our driver similar to using a Lyft or Uber app. We don't provide a service to drive this Tesla by yourself, except the special perk “One day of private driving +”.
Which bonuses will I have from the car ownership?
The main advantage of this model is cheaper or free transportation service. What does it mean for you: - you will get ride-sharing service equal to the amount of your donation during this crowdfunding campaign; - as an owner, you will get ongoing bonuses to your account while others use the car and pay for the service.
What will be in the certificate of ownership?
The certificate will be created optionally upon your request. The certificate will be indicate: Name of an owner or a company, registration number of the car, the share of ownership, the method of ownership confirmation.
Can I sell a share of the car in the future?
At the moment we don't have such a feature, but we will create it in the future, approximately in 6 months.
What is the price of car you are going to buy?
We will buy a Tesla with the following specifications: - Model 3 Mid Range Rear - Wheel Drive Red Multi - Coat Paint 19’’ - Sport Wheels - All Black Premium Interior - Enhanced Autopilot The price is $55,000 + commissions of Indiegogo and it's partners $4,565 the amount we collect in total will be $59,565.
When self-driving cars will be on the roads?
They already are. Tens of companies got accreditation to test self-driving cars on the roads in California. Cruise Automation plans to launch self-driving cars into commercial use in 2019 after 3 billion-dollars investment from Softbank and General Motors. Waymo plans to buy up to 62 000 self-driving cars from Chrysler this year. So the market is hot and huge companies compete to be the leader in the trillion-dollar market.
Where are you located?
The team is located in San Mateo, Silicon Valley,