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1. Liability

Basic principle of shared ownership which underlies our business allows to share liabilities for the possible incidents with self-driving cars. From our perspectives, this is a crucial element which will allow to implement the self-driving technology faster and reduce the risk for car owners

2. Financing

Self-driving cars will be much more expensive than regular cars because of additional hardware and software. Our service will assist in this and allow to buy one self-driving car by several or even by hundreds of people. It will bring more self-driving cars on the road.

3. Job losses

Implementation of self-driving cars will lead to dismissal of millions drivers. But our services will create new roles which can be filled by current drivers. The new roles will be combine the role of administrator and financial coordinator of self-driving car.

Why self-driving technology is so important?

Autonomous cars will improve life of people: Experts and engineers predict that self-driving cars will save millions lives.

Mobility of seniors and children will increase significantly. Price of goods will become cheaper, because the cost of delivery will drop.

Health of people will become better, because the technology will bring less emission and fewer accidents.

People will get a chance to become much more effective: they can start working as they sit into a car, they will spend less time in traffic jams, because self-driving technology will use all available data to shorten the trip and human factor will be excluded. Moreover, you won't need to spend tons of time searching for parking slots in busy area of a town. So, you can spend additional time with your family or do your hobbies.

Cities will become more comfortable: there will be less space for roads and instead there will be parks and recreation areas.

During the prototype test we will investigate transport and financial issues related to provision of ride-sharing services. The main question which we want to investigate is
“How to increase the efficiency of transport infrastructure using blockchain technology?”


What is unique about the company?

Our company was started with a research at Draper University in Silicon Valley almost a year ago. We made the research for automotive industry, the industry which provides bad service for hight costs. We also investigated how autonomous (self-driving) and blockchain technologies going to transform the industry by visiting numerous conferences such as CES2018 in Las Vegas, Global Blockchain Forum, meeting experts from GM, Ford, Tesla, Cruise.

Technical details

The user will see the product as a mobile application with different roles: passenger, owner and car administrator.

For the role of administrator the section of car operational management will be available: the settings of time and area of driving, the car systems management, the payment for gasoline, car wash and other services.

For the role of car owner the section of permissions and settings management will be available as well as the section of assignment of the administrator. If the car is in the joint ownership the section for voting will additionally appear to take decisions and change settings which require the owners' consensus.

For the role of passenger the section of searching and the car booking will be available. This section is basic and available for all roles.


Juan Acosta

Partner DraperU Ventures

Carlos Uranga

DeepRacing Founder, CEO

Ramesh Manian

Director of Engineering Fishbowl Inc

Anastasia Bawari

Director of Enrollment Hult International Business School

Meet our team

Konstantin Maslennikov

CEO & Founder

Draper University, New Economic School
ex. TakeBus, Projector Group

Alex Winter


South Ural State University
ex. TakeBus, Malahit

Jenny Maslennikova


Draper University, Omsk State University

Sergey Malyarov




All financial transactions and operations connected with a car (including insurance) will be recorded in unchangeable format on blockchain platform. If a client will want to recalculate any transaction, he will have an access to all information on blockchain platform to do so.


In our everyday life we use a car about 4% of all time, the rest of the time a car is on parking slots. Then the car will become a part of public transportation, the effectiveness will increase significantly: the car can work non-stop without breaks for dinner, sleep or personal needs. It will tend to fewer cars on the road, less traffic and as a result – more effective transport system.


As effectiveness of transport system will increase significantly, the price per mile will drop. So, more people will afford to ride by car instead of traditional public transportation. Also, it will be cheaper to use ride-sharing rather than to own a personal car. Moreover, the price of transportation will be so affordable that it will be not much difference how far you live from workplace, from school or from your favorite yoga center.


Everyone can put money any amount of money and get a share of self-driving car in return. We will collect this money, buy a car and make all operations to get the car works making money on ride-sharing service. You will get all this money proportionally to your contribution into the car deducting our commission. We estimate profit about 30% a year.


When we create our service, we think about user-friendly interface to provide the best user experience for our clients. We are always open for your feedback, if you have any ideas how to improve your user experience – contact us by hello@hereyougo.io.


CBuying a share of self-driving car, you become a part of a history, make a contribution to high-tech companies with a mission to make transport safer and more comfortable and experiencing the most advanced technologies invented in the center of Silicon Valley.

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First prototype

We connected an open protocol for self-driving cars Donkey. Car with blockchain platform to test sharing ownership of $200 RC model car between 5 contributors.

Second prototype

To create a second prototype we will buy Tesla, using crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. We will split Tesla ownership proportionally to contribution, using smart contract. We will split profit from ride sharing partner between contributors.

GitHub smart contracts links


What does HereYouGo do?
HereYouGo solves three important issues for self-driving market:
sharing of finance liability of parties involved in value chain of autonomous mobility;
funding new cars by providing a service of shared ownership;
creation of new roles for drivers who obviously will lose their jobs after mass deployment of the technology.
When self-driving cars will be on the roads?
They already are. Tens of companies got accreditation to test self-driving cars on the roads in California. Cruise plans to launch self-driving cars into commercial use in 2019 after 3 billion-dollars investment from Softbank and General Motors. Waymo plans to buy up to 62 000 self-driving cars from Chrysler this year. So the market is hot and huge companies compete to be the leader on the trillion-dollars market.
Why do we use blockchain technology?
As we see our company mainly as a financial service, we use blockchain technology because of its advantages for financial and transactional tasks, such as reliability, scalability, globality and transparency.
Where are we locate?
The core team is located in Silicon Valley.
What the size of the market?
The market will be significantly transformed along with self-driving technology development. We estimate that the market size will consist of amount of self-driving cars sales as well as services around this industry. Intel made a prediction that self-driving car will be $7 trillion-dollars industry.